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Citizenship Revocation Services in Ontario

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Citizenship Revocation Services in Brampton, Ontario

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Revocation of citizenship is a serious matter that can have a significant impact on your life. If your citizenship is revoked, you may be deported from Canada and lose the right to return.

There are a number of reasons why the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) may revoke your citizenship. These include:

  • You obtained your citizenship by fraud or misrepresentation.
  • You have committed a serious crime, such as treason or terrorism.
  • You have served in the armed forces of a country that is at war with Canada.

If you are facing revocation of your citizenship, it is important to speak with an experienced immigration lawyer. A lawyer can help you understand the process, prepare your case, and represent you at the hearing.

Our law firm has a team of experienced immigration lawyers who can help you with the revocation of citizenship. We have a proven track record of success in revocation of citizenship cases, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve their immigration goals.

If you are facing revocation of your citizenship, we encourage you to contact our law firm today for a consultation. We will assess your case and discuss your options for defending yourself against revocation.

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